About us.

It is a matter of our great pleasure to introduce Aayush Overseas Pvt. Ltd. as one of the leading human resources supplier agencies in Nepal. The company is dedicated to provide highly skilled, skilled, semi skilled and unskilled manpower to support the human resources of the companies around the world.

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Why Us

It’s a challenging world and people face new challenges everyday so in the present context people are not only changing their jobs often but they are also looking for new pastures abroad in order to get better salaries and a new workplace. Therefore, people are changing their jobs now, more than ever before. They want to garner new experience and have the urge to visit new and distant lands abroad. These challenges and new adventure has led a lot of people in Nepal to seek jobs elsewhere other than their native country.

Come and step into our organization at Aayush Overseas Pvt. Ltd. and meet our experts who can advise you where to go and what to do. Meet anyone of our experts to counsel you about the types of jobs available and the perks and benefits you can reap from our foreign partner. Our professional people will listen to what you have to say and what you are seeking for and they will advice you what you should go for and all these advices is for free. We are the ones who can materialize your dreams into reality.

We hope that our assessment will surely help you to disclose the skills you never knew you had before.

We will even look for your ideal job while you are with us.

And the best thing about our personalized services is that the recommendation, direction and inspiration that we have to offer as well as our support will help you to realize your dreams. And you certainly won’t just end up as one more CV in a million for employees to filter, you can be confident with us that you will achieve your goal.

Whatever you want to do now, or in the future, whether it is a change in your career or want to fulfill your dreams, we are always there to help and support you need. Aayush Overseas Pvt. Ltd. will act as a bridge to indentify the appropriate human resources and fit them into proper jobs as required by the foreign partner companies. This organization also gives trainings to people if it feels that they lack certain knowledge and skills in order to perform their task better. We orient and inform our potential candidates about the foreign land they are about to venture.

Our aim is to satisfy our partners by providing them with the best candidates for the jobs. In Nepal the level of education is very low and the country comprises of many small villages. Although we have a lot of hardworking and semi skilled people in these villages, but due to lack of communication and information, these people are not aware that their potential can be tapped in the foreign soil. And with a better income their living standards can be drastically enhanced. In order to tap this market and find the best people for the job. Aayush Overseas Pvt. Ltd. has identified local agents in such areas to provide information and advice regarding foreign employment opportunities to the locals. This is the main reason why Aayush Overseas Pvt. Ltd. has been supplying the best manpower resources to its partners so far. And we, at Aayush Overseas Pvt. Ltd., will live up to strive this standard; as we believe that business relationship is not for once only but that the relationship should last for a very long time. Quality is another thing that we do not compromise on.

Our strengths

These can be summarized in the company’s ability to Conduct exhaustive and focused candidate searches and selections utilizing our vast network of local and international partner contacts; Deliver high quality job candidates; Follow through on client and candidate requests; and Keep our commitments to all our clients and candidates.